Clockwork Lullaby

ぜんまい(ぜんまい)()()()()()(もり)(うた)zenmaijikake no komoriuta


"...There had never been any need to make such things as this."

mothy's fifteenth album featuring the nine previously released songs in the Clockwork Lullaby series along with the final three, released on August 10, 2018. The album is licensed through KARENT and is available on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.


  1. Clockwork Lullaby -Key Of Word-
  2. Miniature Garden Girl
  3. Re_birthday
  4. Heartbeat Clocktower
  5. Chrono Story
  6. Capriccio Farce
  7. Seven Crimes and Punishments
  8. The Song I Heard Somewhere
  9. Swear an Oath on that Bridge
  10. Banica Concerto!!
  11. The Karma of Evil Will Not End
  12. Song of the Third Period