"That there might be some essential secret hidden here... didn't seem likely."

mothy's sixteenth album featuring older tracks unreleased onto mothy's albums and new arranges along with one new song, released on August 12, 2019. The album is licensed through KARENT and is available on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.


  1. Genesis Girl Gretel
  2. Fictional Masquerade
  3. You Only Have to Double Jump
  4. Torture Tower Doesn't Sleep
  5. Messengers of the Infinity Mirrors
  6. That King was Born from Mud
  7. Full Moon Laboratory
  8. The Frog's and My Love Romance Sped Up
  9. Unlock Blackbox [Instrumental]
  10. Reach For The Stars ~The Letter She Kept Waiting For~
  11. The Song that Resounds with Lulila, Lulila (Parade)
  12. Ending Boy Hänsel