The Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~ Vocal and Soundtrack

(あく)()(むすめ)()(せい)(えん)()ジェミニ(ジェミニ)()ボーカル(ボーカル)()サウンドトラック(サウンドトラック)aku NO musume ~seien no JEMINI~ BOOKARU to SAUNDOTORAKKU


An album of songs featured in the fan musical The Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~ by Kangaroo Suzuki released on February 3, 2010. The album also features four of mothy's songs performed by Asami Shimoda, including a new song written for the musical. The album is available on Amazon.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Daughter of Evil
  3. The People at the Royal Palace
  4. The Princess of the Yellow Kingdom
  5. The Servant of Evil
  6. The Girl of the Green Kingdom
  7. The Blue Warrior
  8. The Red Revolutionary
  9. Twiright Prank
  10. War Mayhem
  11. The Two Princesses
  12. Regret Message