The Muzzle of Nemesis

ネメシス(ネメシス)()(じゅう)(こう)NEMESHISU no juukou


"And punishment was passed down."

mothy's tenth album centered around the wrath sinner, Nemesis Sudou, released on August 17, 2014. The album is licensed through KARENT and is available on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.


  1. master of the hellish yard
  2. The Muzzle of Nemesis
  3. The Last Revolver [Nemesis Version]
  4. And Then the Girl Went Mad ―Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night―
  5. The Journey of Two Mages ~Great Wall and Watchman~
  6. Blink
  7. Handbeat Clocktower
  8. Flower of the Plateau
  9. Bloodstained Switch
  10. Watching Us