Torture Tower Doesn't Sleep ―Clown Chapter―

(ごう)(もん)(とう)()(ねむ)らない(らない) ( )()(どう)()()()(しょう)()goumontou wa nemuranai —doukeshi no shou—


Torture Tower Doesn't Sleep ―Clown Chapter― is a manga adaptation of Torture Tower Doesn't Sleep ―The Three Daughters of Sir Torture― written by mothy and illustrated by Shina Soga (ソガシイナSOGA SHINA). It began serialization in COMIC@LOID on September 13, 2013, and was compiled into one volume on May 27, 2014.

This manga is extremely graphic compared to the rest of the content featured on this site! I strongly recommend everyone check the content warnings for this manga before reading.