The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green
(あく)()(むすめ) ( )(みどり)()ヴィーゲンリート(ヴィーゲンリート)aku NO musume midori no VIIGENRIITO

Publisher: PHP Institute

ISBN: 978-4-569-79457-0

Release Date: February 25, 2011
August 7, 2015 (VG)
December 7, 2017 (ebook; with "Song of the Black Bird")

Illustrators: Suzunosuke, Ichika, Yoshida Dondorian, Karu, you-ring, Yuu, Nagimiso, KIM DONGHOON
CAFFEIN (Novelette of White)

"I'm sorry for being alive."

In order to prevent the collapse of the "Yellow Country", the Kingdom of Lucifenia, the mage Elluka has asked the earth god Held for a favor.

At the same time, Clarith, a racially different girl living through the rampant racism of the "Green Country", Elphegort, prayed to God about her feelings of loneliness. "Anyone is fine, I just want them to be my friend." Michaela, a girl with beautiful green hair, appeared in front of Clarith one day, and the two began living together. But life for the two is about to change, as their world collapses by The Daughter of Evil in the neighboring country. Riliane made the Green Hunting to kill the green-haired women and Elphegort is suddenly wrapped up in a war. Michaela wishes to escape with Clarith, and Clarith wishes for Michaela's safety. Is there a way to save the girl? And now, has Elluka's behavior attempted to prevent the collapse of the country?

In the Green Country, will the day the Diva's lullaby, its "wiegenlied", flows come again?


Chapter 1
Chapter 2, Section 1
Chapter 2, Section 2
Chapter 2, Section 2
Chapter 3, Section 2
Chapter 3, Section 2
Chapter 4, Section 1
Chapter 4, Section 2