Original Sin Story ―Complete Edition―

the heavenly yard

Eve Zvezda

A girl who lives in the village of Nemu. Due to the high level of her dormant magic, she became the first “Ma” subject, and has become pregnant with twins. It’s also said that the people of the Zvezda family inherit the blood of the Earth God Held, but the truth of that isn’t certain. She is able to use techniques such as that of manipulating people’s hearts and bodies, as well as bringing forth powerful lightning, but to abide by her village’s rules she keeps them sealed.

Adam Moonlit

The son of Queen Merry-Go-Round, and the head scientist in charge of Project “Ma”. Resenting the senate for how they turned his mother into their puppet, he is secretly plotting revenge against them. He tries to make the children born between Eve and himself into the “Twins of God”.

Meta Salmhofer

One of the Ghoul Children created by a certain scientist. She was the girlfriend of criminal Pale Noël and a leader of the organization he created, “Apocalypse”. But she was captured during its downfall, and in exchange for her freedom agreed to become the “Ma” subject.

Project “Ma” is…… the project proposed by the senate to stave off the world’s “complete death”. They make it their goal to artificially create the “Twins of God” who would become the reincarnations of the dragon gods Levia-Behemo, and give the world salvation. To do that they need a woman, “Ma”, who will become the mother of the “Twins of God”.

“Queen Merry-Go-Round” is…… Alice Merry-Go-Round, the sovereign of the Magic Kingdom Levianta, and their prophet. Her true name is Maria Moonlit. There was a time she gave birth to a child, but had no husband. She claimed it was a virgin birth, but the senate didn’t approve of this. The newborn baby was discarded into the river, and its existence was buried in darkness.


Prophet Merry-Go-Round

Act 1 Song 1

Queen Of The Glass

The large temple where my mom and dad sleep
The dark legacy called “Sin”
The Third world, governed by
A country built over a graveyard

The name of I, standing at the top, is
Alice Merry-Go-Round
Queen of the glass
Who will reflect and indicate the future
Even if that’s not the truth

I’m a failure prophet
……And so history is being warped

Mother, in order to meet you both
Father, what should I do?
Please tell to me
The method to change gods into humans

There was a revelation from my mom and dad
That was reflected in the small glass bottle
A god given message

“Our dear daughter Alice, you will make our divine vessel
Similar to the time you once made Adam”

A false prediction of the future
……And so the world is being warped

Mother, occasionally I grow uneasy
Father, I’m really your daughter
Aren’t I?
I’m not just a doll, am I?

Mother, this is the correct choice isn’t it?
Father, I don’t understand

Not this me without a heart
Not this me without life

Act 1 Song 2

Project “Ma”

~Eve’s Project~
This is the story of the beginning, from where shall I tell?
My name is Eve Zvezda, the best witch in this country

The name of the man I love is Adam, a very superior scientist
He gave me a kiss and told me
“After this you will become the mother of gods, ‘Mem Aleph’”

<The dark legacy ‘sin’>, eventually it will destroy the country
The great prophet informed as much
The means to prevent that is reincarnation of the two dragon gods
We shall let the ‘Twins of God’ be birthed

The project begins, search for the candidates for mother
They’ll search for the woman who surpassed all in magical talent
The person elected ‘Ma’, yes,
Will be this country’s new queen

I don’t know why I was selected
He embraced me with an “It’s alright”
When everything’s over with, let’s have a marriage ceremony
In our favorite, Held’s forest

The divine seed is embedded in the cradle
I wait for the time they will be born, the “Twins of God”

~Adam’s Project~
This is the story of the beginning, from where should I tell?
My name is Adam Moonlit, the best scientist in this country

I have regretful news; the project was a failure
The twins were born already dead
With that, all my dreams and ambitions disappeared

To me project “Ma” is a heaven-sent chance
I will use it and control this country
The senate and Seth took my mother from me
Now it’s time to punish them

The project begins, the candidate is a witch of Nemu village
We were acquainted and in temptation I made her my own lover
It was a simple thing with the "brainwashing drug venom”
I shouldn’t have had any doubts, but

My beloved Eve, I’ve broken you, I’m sorry
My miscalculations were that the twins died
And that you, who I was with just to use,
I truly came to love, completely

Come, let’s get married in that forest
In our favorite, Held’s forest

“I love you!” “I love you~
The night the stars were broken,
The moon and star vanished from the south sky

~Seth’s Project~
This is the story of the beginning, from where should I tell, hm?
My name is Seth Twiright, the best scientist in this country

‘Cain’ and ‘Abel’ were a failure
‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ disappeared
I must search for the next ‘Mem Aleph’
For the sake of having my ambitions granted

Act 1 Song 3

Escape of Salmhofer the Witch

I ran through a forest path where flowers scatter
A pair of red fruits
Held to my breast, I run through the night; a runaway

Not knowing my father, and not knowing my mother, I had grown up all alone
When I was 20, the one I loved was a culprit of murder

If you’re attracted to evil
You’ll find yourself tainted too
And the people called me ‘Witch’

I ran through an evil path where flowers bloom
A criminal who was splattered with red, fresh blood
And fled to a corrupted love

“My children aren’t anywhere” cried a bloodstained, wailing woman
Looking down on that, I was suddenly wreathed in chains

My sins will one day be judged, the prison is inhuman and dark
A scientist who resembles him stood in front of my execution chair

I, who wants to leave from here
The scientist, who wants a subject
Now, our two interests overlapped

I ran through a cold stone path
Taking off my white prisoner clothes
The destination I face is a research lab

The embedded divine seed pulsated inside of me
The two adorable twins I had birthed, experimental subjects without a father

I remember, I remember
That I was a ghoul child
Once manufactured inside a beaker
In this same way

My own children connected by the beaker
I know it’s selfish
I won’t let these children become their toys!

It was a life of only running away
The love I was not granted
Even a fragment of
I want to give to my children at least

I ran through a forest path where flowers scatter
Two babies that I love
Held to my breast, I run through the night; a runaway

In a neighboring country, we live hidden
We had to stay out of the public eye
In moonlit nights we go out
The children and I, in our favorite, Held’s forest
It should have become a fun walk, but
In the mere moment I had taken my eyes off them,

“My children aren’t anywhere!”

Act 1 Song 4

moonlit bear

In a dark dark corner of the forest
I picked up red red fruits

These are surely wonderful, wonderful
Presents from God

If I carry them home will we be delighted, I wonder?
Maybe so happy we’ll cry

The moon is very pretty today, isn’t it?
Let’s hurry, hurry to return home

For on a dark night such as this, a scary bear comes out

At long last I’ve found them, finally I’ve found them
I certain don’t want to do something like hand them over to anyone, to anyone

I run through a forest path where flowers bloom
While I’m carrying with me red fruits
If I return like this, he and I
Surely can become happy

Later on however, a bear that
Made a scary face chases me
Please, forgive me
Please overlook me

I knew that in truth, these fruits
Are that bear’s treasures

I run, a wandering run
I won’t hand over my happiness
The bear’s form is illuminated by the moon
Its dark shadow draws closer to me

The correct path is already lost
But still I run, I only run
I cry, the bear was crying too
The two fruits were also crying

At last I finally arrived, at my beloved home
He was kindly smiling, but
He saw the fruit I held
And made a very sad face

“Listen, our children are already
Not in this world
Return these children
To their true mother’s side”

Even if reality tore me apart someday
With its fangs and claws
Those warm, kind fruits
I wanted them at any cost

God, with my own hands
I committed an unforgivable sin
“If you do it now you can start over”
He said that, but

“That’s impossible! Because I already…”

Lying down outside the house is the corpse of a lone woman
Nearby, full of milk, was a small glass bottle…

Elluka Chirclatia

Originally a resident shrine maiden in Lighwatch City. She has the ability to take away the malice gene from “her”s. Valued for that talent, she has become one of the candidates for the 7th Project “Ma”. Her fiancé Kiril Clockworker also used to be a “her”, but he was saved by her and is presently making a living as a craftsman of music boxes. There is also a rumor that she’s communicating with the Earth God Held, but as she has not once gone outside the Magic Kingdom up to this point, that’s impossible. Murdered in year 013 EC.

Irina Clockworker

A resident apprentice of a craftsman in Lighwatch city. Her older brother is the craftsman known as the “Clockmaker”, Kiril Clockworker. Although she has not received any magical training, the results of an examination of all inhabitants by the Royal Research Institute confirmed that she holds a high density M factor, and she was selected as a candidate of the 7th Project “Ma”. Because the other three subjects died, she finally became the sole official “Ma” candidate, and has been impregnated with the god seed. However, due to the resurrection and rampage of the dragon god immediately afterward, her entire body was burned in flames, bringing her on the verge of death.

A “her” is…… the popular name for “hereditary evil raisers”. They are unpleasant beings that are said to the be the reason why the Second Period (the world of the gods) perished, as well as laying waste to even the current world as criminals. Destined to be villains, while their rehabilitation is difficult it’s said that only a Lighwatch priestess can remove the malice gene from them. Almost all “ghoul children” (artificial humans) are also “her”s. The cause behind that is likely that the figure that is the origin of “ghoul children” is also the current world’s oldest “her”.

“The Dragon God Levia-Behemo” is…… the advent dragon-turned form of “Levia” and “Behemo”, two among the four pillar gods who created the current world. They are widely believed to be twins. They are subjects of worship in the magic kingdom, but in reality they are evil gods who tried to destroy the world, furious that they had fallen to the surface. They were sealed inside the white ark “Sin”, along with their six kin who followed them, by the sun god.


Barisol’s Child is an Only Child

Barisol’s son is an only child
An heir to a wealthy household, and a beautiful boy everyone envies
But there was a problem with him

He loves to play with dolls, and he only wears girl clothes
He steals implements from his mother’s room and secretly puts on makeup

Everyone around him kept their distance from him as such
So he was always
All alone

Barisol’s daughter is an only child
A once-in-a-millennium child prodigy
Entering college at age six, she studies about the heart of man

Unending crimes and wars; why do people hate each other so?
So that she could understand that even a little, she continued with her research

And so she realized the cause of the unending ‘Malice’
She knew
‘That’s not in this world’

Barisol’s son is an only child
He too finally took up a sweetheart, a maid his age who came to work for him
She was adorable like a doll

“I’d like you to let me wear your clothes,”
One day he requested of her
While becoming terribly flustered
“That’s disgusting” was her only reply

Barisol’s daughter is an only child
She too was beginning to be violated by ‘Malice’
Having unending murder impulses without knowing why, she consulted with a colleague

A researcher of parallel worlds
The man made this reply to her:
“If you can erase your ‘other self’, then perhaps your ‘malice’ can be erased as well”

From outside the door was an angry voice
In a corner of the room, he was growing afraid
The doll strewn about inside the room, its limbs were warm and in pieces

There was another world in the mirror that his eyes had been able to see
A woman who resembled himself extended a hand

When the world was consumed by “Malice”, an ark flew into the cosmos
With a crew of 72 people, inside of that it’s said there were also twins

……Just before she would kill ‘herself’, she realized the truth
That this was a clever trap that man had devised

When I handle this myself, that really would be the entrance to ‘Malice’
With me fallen, he likely intended to ride on the ark in my place

Barisol’s child is an only child
But nowadays they’re two children
An older sister knowing the heart of man and a younger brother knowing the body of man

The ark advances along a black sea, aiming for a new paradise
Their research might create a new mankind someday

Act 2 Song 1

“Ma” Survival

The children of god aren’t born
The children of god aren’t found
While someone must become ‘mother’
While the children of god must be born

The maidens gathered in the temple
Four girls with different birthplaces and backgrounds
Only one can become ‘mother’
Only one can become ‘queen’

Desire changes these holy women into fiends
They take weapons in their hands, now surely begins
Mutual slaughter

Survival activates, paranoia outweighs feelings of friendship
Is the one laughing behind you really a friend?

“She died yesterday, her feet slipped and she fell from a cliff”
Perhaps that is a lie

Who will survive in the end?

A prostitute drowned in sensuality
A noblewoman haughty with arrogance
A jealous girl in love with her brother
And that brother’s fiancée

Only the one with the strongest talents will get everything
And endless hatred
Wells up in their hearts

Unending survival, the rules of reality outweigh the idea of intrinsic goodness
Is the one aiming at my life really an enemy?

“She hanged herself, heart afflicted by this ugly conflict”
Such a thing is absolutely a lie

Who will survive in the end?

Dear sister-in-law, let’s stop this already
The remaining candidates are just us
This is meaningless
As for being queen, it should be you, dear sister-in-law
You who was chosen by my brother

Thank you, Irina
You’re safe, I won’t let you die
I’ll protect you

Flowers of blood bloom from her back
Sister-in-law fell on the spot
What she saw in her dying moment
Was the wailing face of her young sister-in-law

“Sinful girl who by her hands ended three people,
You have been selected as the new ‘Ma’”

The girl standing at the altar, a demon smiling like an angel
If she conceived the children, with that, peace would come

Nevertheless, survival will never be over, right?
The sword that aimed at the new queen gleamed somewhere

Act 2 Song 2

Whereabouts of the Miracle


Hey darling
Can you hear this voice?
Hey darling
If you can hear this voice
Throw my remains in that ark in the temple
And resurrect me

This country is completely rotten
Everyone’s eyes are lost in desire
Everything needs to be reset
With yours and yes, my own hands

The things you can’t do as one
If there’s two, certainly can be overcome
The whereabouts of the miracle are now in your hands

The forbidden device is beyond this point
If you go now, no one will discover it
Come, hurry
We’ll start from here
Without hesitation
Simply continue running


He unlocks the gates of the unknown
To the ark before his eyes, its name is “sin”

What do you wish for
And what will you achieve?
Please, don’t be deceived


Hey darling
Hurry and put in
My body, drive it in there!
You’ll do it quickly!
You half-wit dumbass
Hurry hurry, inside that……


The die’s been cast
That was a miracle that decidedly should not have occurred
The brutal act of he who was manipulated by the “Sin”

The flowers, the people, the country, him
Everything is swallowed up and dissolved
Only the resurrected me left behind


Lulila, lulila
When I awakened, there was nothing

I who lost everything obtained in compensation
Infinite time

But there’s nothing anymore
He and her are already gone

Two dulled lights fell alone
To Held’s forest

Act 2 Song 3

Recollective Musicbox

A music box with golden springs that warped
The unplaying melody is a song of love
A music box that disappeared in the shadow of history
A jeweled box that won’t be opened

The music boxes he made played with a sound that was
More beautiful than anyone else’s
The people, filled with a sense of respect for him,
Called him ‘Clockworker’

A beloved fiancée and a precious younger sister
“I am a lucky man”, he thanked god

For their sakes he would create it, filled with love
An extraordinary, peerless music box
In the music box he packed his wish
For their future then on to have great happiness

Now the music box won’t play anymore

In this country, whoever possesses the strongest magical talent
Will become ruler, and obtain everything
The ones selected as candidates for new leader were
The fiancée and younger sister

The gears began to go mad, those two who came together in hatred
Could have lived together in harmony, if there was no such thing as magic

It was the worst conclusion; what he saw
Was the music box he built stained in blood
The fallen woman and the wailing woman
Both were loved, loved and yet

Now the music box won’t play anymore

A place that used to have a country is now a ruin
An old man who’s lost his sanity is making something
Travelers enquired as to what he’s making
The old man replies that it’s a music box

But it
Was a dirty black box
That just looks like simple trash


One of the “Twins of God” given birth to by Meta Salmhofer. He was raised by Adam and Eve. He is taught in his studies by his father, however he’s so stupid he can’t understand any of it. The glass bottle he picked up somewhere is his treasure.


One of the “Twins of God” given birth to by Meta Salmhofer. She was raised by Adam and Eve. She is often scolded by her mother for pulling too many pranks. But in truth, Gretel knows that this mother isn’t her birth parent.

Seth Twiright

The scientist who was decided to be in charge of Project “Ma” after Adam’s disappearance. He’s been blind in his left eye since birth. While bearing fatal wounds after being caught in the Leviantan Catastrophe, he drew close to a lone girl while carrying in his arms a red cat plushy. It’s said that after that he headed for the forest to the south, and several months later seven lights soared into the sky from that forest. ……No one has seen him since.

The “Twins of God” are…… beings that govern the world’s cycle of death and rebirth. It’s said the ending boy dismantles the world, and the genesis girl will rebuild it with a new form.
——Be that as it may, that’s not a legend of this world.

“Original Sin” is…… where the seven sins were unleashed into the world due to someone picking up the forbidden fruit. However, the one who invited them to do so was a single snake. The snake continues to live in the shadow of history. From the distant past to the distant future. The snake always puts on a mask. That of a researcher of parallel worlds, an assistant in the creation of worlds, dragon kin, a mad scientist, and a demon.

Act 3 Song 1

The Song I Heard Somewhere

“This song that you have heard somewhere, do you remember it?”
Approaching me as I was dying
Was a male scientist who asked me that
He tossed in front of me the remains of a red cat
That he was carrying in his arms
Looking closer,
It was a plushie made of cloth and iron

“After this you will be reborn, today is your Re_birthday”
With arms covered in burns, he touched
‘What used to be me’

A light shines into the dark sky
Looking at it, I remember

Yes, this was formerly such a song

On the night of the full moon the experiment begins
If the era changes, then the song will change again too

My heart hasn’t changed
My body became a red cat
I wouldn’t be dying anymore, but
I won’t be returning to human anymore either
Supposing I joined together two so that they became one
They couldn’t become double
What should I live for from now on?

Before disappearing, he said
“I won’t return here again, continue with your experiments”

Seven lights scatter about in the southern sky
Looking at them, I remember

Yes, I’ll live for retribution against the woman who stole everything!

On the night of a new moon my revenge begins
If my body changes, my goal will change too

Just like that person made me
This time I’ll turn people “evil”

This song that I have heard somewhere
Eventually it’ll become a different song again won’t it?

Act 3 Song 2

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night

What kind of fortune does this path lead to?
Over there,
Will we be able to eat lots of our favorite snacks?

Beyond this point is God waiting for us?
Do you look at us with such sad faces?

Inside the dark forest
We understood the whole truth
That if we continue in this way
We’ll soon be unable to return

The two of us left all alone
Our names are Hänsel and Gretel
By the small light of the great moon
We don’t know the way home

We walk, a wandering walk
It doesn’t mean we don’t have a clue
A small glass bottle is lit up by the moon
The sparkling light illuminates the way
Nevertheless, we’ll walk
Without knowing whether this is the correct path
Finally we found it, and we understand
This is the witch’s house

Come, let’s attack the evil witch
Cast her in the burning stove
When she’s gone
Surely we can become happy

Hey mother, praise me
I defeated the evil witch

Hey father, praise me
I defeated the witch’s henchman too

At any rate
This is a really calming place, huh?
It feels as if though long ago,
We used to live here, doesn’t it?

Come, let’s go meet our real mother and father

Act 3 Song 3

Chrono Story

Is that the song of birds that I can hear?
No, that is the cry of the forest
Is that the light of the moon that’s shining?
No, that’s the burning fire

The person we used to call “mother”
Turns to ashes inside the stove
The “Original Sin” that remained afterwards
We divided into seven with our own hands

“Lust”, is the flower
“Gluttony”, is the seed
“Pride”, is the stone
“Envy”, is the spring
“Sloth”, is the wind
“Greed”, is the dirt
“Wrath”, is the forest

Fly away, seven sins
The impurity born from our false mother
Let the world turn and turn
This evil, grave sin
Purify it

By the hands of the forbidden fruit
The seven sins were released into the world
The tree of Held, who protects the forest,
Requests his friend to collect them all

“I don’t mind if it kills some time”
“’Cause my time is infinite anyhow”
The sorceress sneers

The eternity she was granted
At the end of having lost the one she loved
And destroyed what was precious
To her was nothing but emptiness

The sorceress who obtained everything
And then lost it
What does she wish for?
What does she seek?
To the end of time…

Born and raised from a lone woman
The story of such a sin cut into seven
The capricious whim of a witch who transcends time
This Chrono Story that begins from the forest

Original Sin Story ―Complete Edition―

Overture: Prophet Merry-Go-Round

Act 1 Song 1: Queen Of The Glass
Act 1 Song 2: Project “Ma”
Act 1 Song 3: Escape of Salmhofer the Witch
Act 1 Song 4: moonlit bear

Entr’acte: Barisol’s Child is an Only Child

Act 2 Song 1: “Ma” Survival
Act 2 Song 2: Whereabouts of the Miracle
Act 2 Song 3: Recollective Musicbox

Act 3 Song 1: The Song I Heard Somewhere
Act 3 Song 2: Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night
Act 3 Song 3: Chrono Story

Presented by the heavenly yard
Lyrics & Music: mothy
Illustrations: Ichika

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