Original Sin Story ―Act 2―


In dedication to all of “me” and “me

Project ‘Ma’ was begun to defend against the world’s destruction. It’s hard to say if it was making good progress.


First Project – The ‘Ma’ subject Eve Zvezda failed in birthing the twins. Afterwards the subject disappeared.
Second Project – The ‘Witch of Merrigod’, Meta Salmhofer, safely delivered the twins, then afterwards fled while taking them with her. The search for her is ongoing.
Third Project – Project stopped midway due to the subject’s death from their frailty.
Fourth Project – Project abandoned due to the subject’s murder by ‘Apocalypse’.
Fifth Project – Subject disposed of with due to the children birthed not being twins.
Sixth Project – Subject was stolen by her husband, Wei Lucif, during the pregnancy. Her corpse was discovered in the village of Nemu later, but it was determined that the fetuses had vanished.


And in EC 013,

Four women were selected as candidates for the subject of the seventh Project “Ma”.

“Ma” Survival - Who Will Survive? -

Song 1

The subjects of the seventh Project ‘Ma’ at a glance:

◆ Irina Clockworker
M=206 O=96 T=83 H=113 E=666 R=153
A resident apprentice craftsman in Lighwatch City. Her older brother is the craftsman Kiril Clockworker, known as the “Clockmaker”. Although she has not received any magical training, the results of an examination of all inhabitants by the Royal Research Institute confirms she holds a high density M factor.
* As the value of her E factor is abnormally high, she may be an HER. Observation necessary.

◆ Elluka Chirclatia
M=253 O=62 T=92 H=28 E=53 R=63
Originally a resident shrine maiden in Lighwatch City. Driven out of the temple for delinquent behavior, she now lives as the assistant of her fiancé, Kiril. She has the highest magic of all the current candidates, but the low level of her other values may be a small cause for concern.
* There is information that she’s colluding with the evil god Held. Caution advised.

◆ Milky Eights
M=183 O=163 T=123 H=100 E=199 R=143
A resident prostitute in Welvya. There were many who objected to making the woman who was originally a lover of Pale Nöel, the leader of “Apocalypse”, into the “Ma” subject. However, there was also Meta Salmhofer’s past success, so finally the senate decided to make her one of the candidates. Her values are the most balanced.
* Because she may be currently involved with “Apocalypse”, she is not allowed to enter the temple until the final selection.

◆ Ly Li
M=150 O=99 T=101 H=89 E=123 R=107
A noblewoman residing in Asmouse. The second daughter of Li family head, Irta Li. She does not possess an M factor appropriate for being selected as a “Ma” subject, but it seems the senate was put under political pressure.
* Because the Li family is heavily contributing to the current project, particular care was taken towards her treatment, so as to not offend her.

The children of god aren’t born
The children of god aren’t found
While someone
Must become “mother”
While the children of god
Must be born

The maidens gathered in the temple
Four girls with different birthplaces and backgrounds
Only one can
Become “mother”
Only one can
Become “queen”

Desire changes these holy women
Into fiends
They take weapons in their hands,
Now surely begins
Mutual slaughter

Survival activates
Paranoia outweighs feelings of friendship
Is the one laughing behind you
Really a friend?

“She died yesterday
Her feet slipped and she fell from a cliff”
Perhaps that is a lie

Who will survive in the end?

A prostitute drowned in sensuality
A noblewoman haughty with arrogance
A jealous girl in love with her brother
And that brother’s fiancée

Only the one with the strongest talents
Will get everything
And endless hatred
Wells up in their hearts

Unending survival
The rules of reality outweigh the idea of intrinsic goodness
Is the one aiming at my life
Really an enemy?

“She hanged herself
Heart afflicted by this ugly conflict”
Such a thing is absolutely a lie

Who will survive in the end?

Dear sister-in-law,
Let’s stop this already
The remaining candidates
Are just us
This is meaningless
As for being queen
It should be you, dear sister-in-law
You who was chosen by my brother

Thank you, Irina
You’re safe
I won’t let you die
I’ll protect you

Flowers of blood bloom from her back
Sister-in-law fell on the spot
What she saw in her dying moment
Was the wailing face of her young sister-in-law

“Sinful girl who by her hands
Ended three people,
You have been selected
As the new ‘Ma’”

The girl standing at the altar
A demon smiling like an angel
If she conceived the children
With that, peace would come

Nevertheless, survival
Will never be over
The sword that aimed at the new queen
Gleamed somewhere

Whereabouts of the Miracle - CATASTROPHE -

Song 2

A man was stricken with despair. The girlfriend he loved had died. Murdered by the little sister he loved.


I wasn’t able to escape from the fate of a ghoul child after all. Those out there with the same appearance as myself are all scattering malice around this country. The outbreak of ‘her’——surely that is the omen of our destruction, isn’t it?

The sole exceptions to that were myself, and Seth Twiright. In order to save this country, he continues to devote himself to his passions in Project ‘Ma’. But——now even his good will seems questionable. Is Project ‘Ma’ really for the sake of saving our people?

I thought that at least my little sister was different. She was different from us. Her appearance was different. Her personality was different. So I’d thought it would be alright. She wasn’t a ‘her’ at all. At least that’s what I’d believed.

A ‘her’ will give birth to the Twins of God? And the world will be saved through that? Is that really so?

The music box has stopped moving. Its music will never play, now. Or that’s what I’d thought——but my ears can hear it. A melody. No, this is not a tune.

It’s a voice.

My own dearly beloved’s voice——

Oh, dear Elluka. What should I do?

——I understand. I should take you with me and go there. To the ark in the temple.


Hey darling
Can you hear this voice?
Hey darling
If you can hear this voice
Throw my remains in that ark in the temple
And resurrect me

This country is completely rotten
Everyone’s eyes are lost in desire
Everything needs to be reset
With yours and yes, my own hands

The things you can’t do as one
If there’s two
Certainly can be overcome
The whereabouts of the miracle are now
In your hands

The forbidden device is beyond this point
If you go now, no one will discover it
Come, hurry
We’ll start from here
Without hesitation
Simply continue running


He unlocks the gates of the unknown
To the ark before his eyes
Its name is “sin”

What do you wish for
And what will you achieve?
Please, don’t be deceived


Hey darling
Hurry and put in
My body
Drive it in there!
You’ll do it quickly!
You half-wit dumbass
Hurry hurry
Inside that……


The die’s been cast
That was a miracle
That decidedly should not have
The brutal act of he who was manipulated by the “Sin”

The flowers, the people, the country, him
Everything is swallowed up and dissolved
Only the resurrected me left behind


Lulila, lulila
When I
Awakened, there was nothing

I who lost everything obtained in compensation
Infinite time

But there’s nothing anymore
He and her are already gone

Two dulled lights
Fell alone
To Held’s forest

Clockworker - Recollective Musicbox -

Song 3

Having snuck into the temple, Kiril put Elluka’s corpse in the ark device, ‘Sin’. The sealed and forbidden device allowed the restoration of the dead——and he used it.

With the ‘Sin’ he carried out Elluka’s resurrection. But directly afterwards the device ran wild. It caused a great explosion. The scale of it extended even to damaging the countries around it, not to mention the entirety of the one it was in.

That night, people of neighboring nations said that they witnessed an enormous two-headed dragon rising in the Magic Kingdom Levianta’s deep red sky.

Levianta collapsed. Almost countless scores of super technology——the buried legacy of the ‘Second Period’——was all lost forever.

Kiril’s whereabouts at the time are unknown. Irina, who had been the candidate for queen, also sustained life-threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, in spite of having been in the heart of the explosion Elluka was unharmed. As a side effect of the ‘Sin’ she acquired perpetual youth and immortality, and the ability to transfer her consciousness to another person——

The ‘Body Swap’ technique.

She came to hear the tune of a music box from somewhere——

The music boxes I made
Played with a sound that was
More beautiful than anyone else’s
The people,
Filled with a sense of respect for me,
Called me ‘Clockworker’

A beloved fiancée and
A precious younger sister
The two were always by my side
“I’m the luckiest man in the world”
I thanked to god

For their sakes I would create it,
Filled with love for them
My extraordinary and superior
Music box
In the springs
I packed my wish
That the future we three walked towards
Would have great happiness

The music box won’t play anymore

In this country, whoever possesses the strongest magic
Becomes queen
And is chosen to
Obtain everything
They were selected as candidates for new leader
My fiancée and younger sister

The gears began to go mad
The two who came together in hatred
If there had been no such thing as magic…
It was the worst conclusion; what I saw
Was the music box stained in blood

A music box with
Golden springs that warped
The unplaying melody
A song of love to you
The fallen woman and
The wailing woman
Although both were loved
They were loved and yet

The music box won’t play anymore

A place that used to have a country is now a ruin
An old man who’s lost his sanity is making something
Travelers enquired as to what he’s making
The old man replies that it’s a music box

But it
Was a dirty black box
That just looks like simple trash

Elluka disappeared from the ruined Levianta.

Irina had lost all of her limbs, and her entire body was swollen and red. Even though she had survived, she would likely never be able to become queen now, or give birth to any children.

Irina swore revenge. She would bestow despair upon the woman——Elluka——who made her take on such a form. She would not allow her happiness. She would snatch away everything that she sought. Even if it took her several hundred years.

There was someone who approached Irina as she was left behind in the cleared out ruin.

It was Seth Twiright, the head of Project ‘Ma’.

He held under his arm a red stuffed cat.

Behind his back a large full moon shined brilliantly.

Original Sin Story ―Act 2―

Song 1: “Ma” Survival - Who Will Survive? -
Song 2: Whereabouts of the Miracle - CATASTROPHE -
Song 3: Clockworker - Recollective Musicbox -

04, “Ma” Survival - Who Will Survive? - (Off Vocal Version)
06, Whereabouts of the Miracle - CATASTROPHE - (Off Vocal Version)
07, Clockworker - Recollective Musicbox - (Off Vocal Version)

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Lyrics & Music: mothy
Illustrations: Ichika

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Characters’ Numbers

0011 Elluka Chirclatia: ML
0012 Irina Clockworker: NI
0013 Kiril Clockworker: HK
0014 Milky Eights: m
0015 Ly Li: L