This is the story of the beginning…
From where shall I tell?

Original Sin Story ―Act 1―


E.C. 015
By the hands of Hänsel and Gretel, the “Seven Deadly Sins” were unleashed into the world.

Afterwards, over the span of a thousand years the “Seven Deadly Sins” came to bring forward countless tragedies.

How were the “Seven Deadly Sins” born?
Who exactly were “Hänsel” and “Gretel”?

Let’s tell the story leading up to that point here, from start to end.

We’ll go back twenty years ago, before the calendar called Evillious was even created.

Prophet Merry-Go-Round

Song 1

Inheriting the civilization legacy of a previous period, The Magic Kingdom Levianta displayed overwhelming prosperity. The prophet reigning at its summit, Queen Merry-Go-Round, received a divine message. That was the beginning of everything. They had taken over from the previous period, along with civilization, a dark legacy, “Sin”. It would eventually lead the way to the world’s “complete death”. It is said that to hold off their downfall, they had to reincarnate the dragon god Levia-Behemo as humans, and purify “Sin”……

The senate decided to artificially create the reincarnations for Levia-Behemo. Project “Ma” was begun by Merry-Go-Round’s son, Adam Moonlit, as its supervisor.

Project “Ma”

Song 2

What they needed to make Project “Ma” succeed was the woman who would become the birth mother of the dragon gods. It was also decided that should the project be a success, that woman would be revered as the “The Mother/Ma (Mem Aleph)”, and be granted the right to become Levianta’s Queen. There was a flood of applicants for that at the Royal Research Institute, but as becoming the mother required great magic, no one who was able to clear the requirements showed themselves. Among them, Adam brought a lone woman to the institute. She admirably passed the examination, and was chosen to receive treatment as the “Ma” subject.

She was Adam’s girlfriend, and went by the name of Eve Zvezda.

Before long Eve became pregnant with children. Inspection results showed that they were twins. The children in her womb were given the names “Cain” and “Abel”, and it was decided to observe their continual progress.

~Eve’s Project~
This is the story of the beginning
From where shall I tell?
My name is Eve Zvezda
The best witch in this country

The name of the man I love is Adam
A very superior scientist
He gave me a kiss
And told me
“After this you will become the mother of gods,
‘Mem Aleph’”

<The dark legacy “sin”>
Eventually it will destroy the country
The great prophet informed as much
The means to prevent that is reincarnation of the two dragon gods
We shall let the “Twins of God” be birthed

The project begins, search for the candidates for mother
They’ll search for the woman who surpassed all in magical talent
The person elected “Ma”, yes,
Will be this country’s new queen

I don’t know why
I was selected
He embraced me with
An “It’s alright”
When everything’s over with,
Let’s have a marriage ceremony
In our favorite,
Held’s forest

The divine seed
Is embedded in the cradle
I wait for the time they will be born,
The “Twins of God”

~Adam’s Project~
This is the story of the beginning
From where should I tell?
My name is Adam Moonlit
The best scientist in this country

I have regretful news
The project was a failure
The twins were born
Already dead
With that, all my dreams and ambitions

To me project “Ma”
Is a heaven-sent chance
I will use it and control this country
The senate and Seth
Took my mother from me
Now it’s time to punish them

The project begins, the candidate is a witch of Nemu village
We were acquainted and in temptation I made her my own lover
It was a simple thing with the "brainwashing drug venom”
I shouldn’t have had any doubts, but

My beloved Eve,
I’ve broken you, I’m sorry
My miscalculations were that the twins died
And that you,
Who I was with just to use,
I truly came to love, completely

Come, let’s get married in that forest
In our favorite, Held’s forest

“I love you!” “I love you~
The night the stars were broken,
The moon and star vanished from the south sky

~Seth’s Project~
This is the story of the beginning
From where should I tell, hm?
My name is Seth Twiright
The best scientist in this country

“Cain” and “Abel” were a failure
“Adam” and “Eve” disappeared

I must search for
The next “Mem Aleph”

For the sake of having my ambitions granted

Escape of Salmhofer the Witch

Song 3

The first Project “Ma” met with the conclusion of the twins’ stillbirth, and the disappearance of its subject and the person in charge. The senate appointed Seth Twiright as the new project head, and ordered the execution of the second Project “Ma”.

At that time, Levianta was troubled by the many rebellious acts committed by the “Apocalypse” organization, spearheaded by Pale Nöel.

The chief members of “Apocalypse” were the following four:
• The “Master of Malice”, Pale Nöel
• The “Witch of Merrigod”, Meta Salmhofer
• The “Black Baron”, Yegor Asayef
• The “White Fiend of Jakoku”, Raisa Netsuma

Seth’s attention was drawn by the rare, high amount of magic in Meta Salmhofer, who was Pale’s girlfriend. With the senate’s cooperation, Seth planned her capture.

There were few who knew that Seth and Pale were twins who had been separated at birth.

I ran through a forest path where flowers scatter
A pair of red fruits
Held to my breast, I run through the night; a runaway

Not knowing my father, and not knowing my mother
I had grown up all alone
When I was 20, the one I loved
Was a culprit of murder

If you’re attracted to evil
You’ll find yourself tainted too
And the people called me “Witch”

I ran through an evil path where flowers bloom
A criminal who was splattered with red, fresh blood
And fled to a corrupted love

“My children aren’t anywhere”
Cried a bloodstained, wailing woman
Looking down on that
I was suddenly wreathed in chains

My sins will one day be judged
The prison is inhuman and dark
A scientist who resembles him
Stood in front of my execution chair

I, who wants to leave from here
The scientist, who wants a subject
Now, our two interests overlapped

I ran through a cold stone path
Taking off my white prisoner clothes
The destination I face is a research lab

The embedded divine seed
Pulsated inside of me
The two adorable twins I had birthed
Experimental subjects without a father

I remember, I remember
That I was a ghoul child
Once manufactured inside a beaker
In this same way

My own children connected by the beaker
I know it’s selfish
I won’t let these children become their toys!

It was a life of only running away
The love I was not granted
Even a fragment of
I want to give to my children at least

I ran through a forest path where flowers scatter
Two babies that I love
Held to my breast, I run through the night; a runaway

In a neighboring country, we live hidden
We had to stay out of the public eye
In moonlit nights we go out
The children and I, in our favorite, Held’s forest
It should have become a fun walk, but
In the mere moment I had taken my eyes off them,

“My children aren’t anywhere!”

moonlit bear

Song 4

The country was excited by the births of the Twins of God, “Hänsel” and “Gretel”, and to commemorate this, Merry-Go-Round established a new “Evillious Calendar”, marking the year that they were born as the first in the calendar.

But situation completely changed due to Meta escaping with the twins. It was arranged that the whole country’s search for the twins would commence.

And, starting from there Seth’s past history of experimenting in the creation of artificial humans was also confirmed. He was to be dismissed from the Research Institute.

On the other side, Meta made good on her escape to the nearby country of Elphegort and began a new life with her children inside a forest isolated from the public eye.

Without knowing that in this same forest was the original “Ma”, Eve…

In a dark dark corner of the forest
I picked up red red fruits

These are surely wonderful, wonderful
Presents from God

If I carry them home will we be delighted, I wonder?
Maybe so happy we’ll cry

The moon is very pretty today, isn’t it?
Let’s hurry, hurry to return home

For on a dark night such as this, a scary bear comes out

At long last I’ve found them, finally I’ve found them
I certain don’t want to do something like hand them over to anyone, to anyone

I run through a forest path where flowers bloom
While I’m carrying with me red fruits
If I return like this, he and I
Surely can become happy

Later on however, a bear that
Made a scary face chases me
Please, forgive me
Please overlook me

I knew that in truth, these fruits
Are that bear’s treasures

I run, a wandering run
I won’t hand over my happiness
The bear’s form is illuminated by the moon
Its dark shadow draws closer to me

The correct path is already lost
But still I run, I only run
I cry, the bear was crying too
The two fruits were also crying

At last I finally arrived, at my beloved home
He was kindly smiling, but
He saw the fruit I held
And made a very sad face

“Listen, our children are already
Not in this world
Return these children
To their true mother’s side”

Even if reality tore me apart someday
With its fangs and claws
Those warm, kind fruits
I wanted them at any cost

God, with my own hands
I committed an unforgivable sin
“If you do it now you can start over”
He said that, but

“That’s impossible! Because I already…”

Lying down outside the house
Is the corpse of a lone woman
Nearby, full of milk
Was a small glass bottle…

In Levianta the search for the “Twins of God” was continued. Project “Ma” was carried out concurrently to that, but they were unable to birth new divine successors after “Hänsel” and “Gretel”.

And twelve years passed by.
E.C. 013

Four women were selected as candidates for the 7th Project “Ma”. The documents in which were written their personal histories was submitted to the Research Institute. Among them were the names
Irina Clockworker,
Elluka Chirclatia.

Original Sin Story ―Act 1―

Song 1: Prophet Merry-Go-Round (instrumental)
Song 2: Project “Ma”
Song 3: Escape of Salmhofer the Witch
Song 4: moonlit bear (New Version)

05, Project “Ma” (Off Vocal Version)
06, Escape of Salmhofer the Witch (Off Vocal Version)
07, moonlit bear (Off Vocal Version)

Presented by the heavenly yard
Lyrics & Music: mothy
Illustrations: Ichika

the heavenly yard

Characters’ Numbers

0001 Queen merry-go-round (Maria Moon[L]it): ?
0002 Adam Moon[L]it: K
0003 Eve Zvezda (Eve Moon[L]it): HM
0004 Seth twi[R]ight: HK
0005 Pale Noël: HK
0006 Meta Salmhofer: M
0007 Yegor Asayev: ?
0008 Raisa Netsuma: YH
0009 Hänsel: KL
0010 Gretel: KR