I’ll go to see you

master of the heavenly yard

the heavenly yard

Right now I’ll tell you, as plainly as I can, what’s happening in this world.

I died. You died. Along with the world. Because of Nemesis…… because that dictator pressed the firing switch on that weapon of mass destruction. I can’t blame Bruno’s failure regarding that. Because I’m sure that even if he had been successful in obliterating her, our destruction would have just happened because of some other person.

The problem is why we’re all continuing to remain suspended here on the ground world. We don’t have our bodies anymore. That much is obvious. Why is it obvious? Well right now you’re not a “tiger”——you have the appearance of a lovely young man. The deep wrinkles etched into my arms and legs have disappeared, and my skin is smooth. To the both of us these are the “ideal appearances” that we’d wanted, I’m certain it has something to do with that.

There’s something more surprising than that. I saw my father again, for the first time in a long time. My father, who died several decades ago…… when I was young. Dad told me his hypothesis. It was crazy, and yet I also can’t help but believe in it. “We are all spirits,” he said. The weapon of mass destruction, “Punishment”, had even destroyed the boundary between heaven and the hellish yard. So the spirits of the dead all lost their place to go, and are flooding the ground world.

So what happens now? I don’t know that. But…… there has been some slight unrest. Souls wearing the uniforms of Tasan Elphegort’s military are amassing in a certain place. It’s the area around the theater that’s floating in the air. How’s a building floating? How am I supposed to know that? Probably just that this world is “anything goes” now. Addressing them at the center of it all was the man who went by the name of the “gardener”——I’ve seen him before. Gammon Octo. The man who was the leader of the Tasan Party before Nemesis. I might have to investigate a little more.

……I don’t really have any desire to take revenge on Gallerian, you know? In the first place, everyone’s already dead anyway. I have no interest in doing so. That’s why I let her go, too. ——Nemesis. I saw her together with a golden-haired boy. ……If my eyes were working right…… she had a “body”. What an unfunny joke. The perpetrator of the world’s destruction nonchalantly surviving like that. Though I don’t know if Nemesis considers that a good thing or not.

As for the boy? Dad said something like, ‘isn’t that the one who was once the servant who served Princess Riliane of Lucifenia, Allen Avadonia?’ You don’t know him? Yeah, this was the first time I met him too. He was from a period centuries before mine, after all. It seems that the spirits of great figures and villains from history have been appearing on the ground world, huh? When I went to the ruined site of Lucifenia I just had to laugh. ‘Cause the “Daughter of Evil” Riliane, and the hero who defeated her, Germaine, were partying together like pals. If you searched all over the world, you’d probably meet up with your ancestors, too, don’t you think?

Like I said earlier, I’m going to try heading to that theater one more time. ——Yeah, you’re coming too huh? I don’t mind. We’ve been inseparable for a long time now after all.

……Wait a minute.
What the heck is that black box——

[From the conversation recording of character No. 103857923, Hel Jaakko]

master of the

[1. Epilogue]

We have done nothing but
Make mistakes
During these thousand years

A wish of “if only”
Will never be granted now
Punishment has been passed down

You several hundred million souls
You several hundred million villains

Is this unhappy conclusion someone’s fault?
Those who think so are all “sons of bitches”

In the end
Have we left something behind?
In this thousand year journey

The answer will surely
Never come forward
So I will go to see you

[2. The Hunt for the Deadly Sins]

In the center of the ruined world
A theater floats in the wasteland
The dead spirits gather together
And worship a black box

Their master, the male gardener,
Gives orders to the souls
There are things they need to do
In order to save the world

Destroy the souls possessed by demons
Kill the cause of everything, the “deadly sin contractors”

His spirit followers start to move
“The hunt for the Deadly Sins” has now begun

[3. The Princess Sets Out]

Before the princess
Are her deeply sleeping ministers
That is a “gift” from someone
The one who could protect her
Is gone now
The gardener’s troops approach

The nun that appeared riding a white horse
Helps get the princess away
Towards a new journey

I'm fed up
With just waiting
I hate always being protected
If I accomplish everything
All on my own
I’ll puff up my chest with pride
And go to see you

[4. The Heroes]

“Just what in the world is evil?”
The ones burdened with the seven sins
Should have been destroyed along with the world
But they are still

Can sins never be forgiven?
There is one who raised her voice
To stop the gardener’s ambitions
The heroes and the commoners
Take up phantom swords

Justice, and evil,
Let’s change all of it into a song
Because punishment has already been handed down
So now is the time
Where we shall fight
So that our mistakes don’t repeat again


The forbidden black box
Will now be opened
Its power is the purification of gods
Or a reset

People’s souls are after all
Little more than pieces of data
The springs of the black box go around
And everything melts away

You can’t defy that vortex
That’s an unchanging program of the gods
Because there is no one aside from a god
Who can stop it

In this world only one person
Has continued to live
From her gun was fired
A golden bullet

Who is she thinking of
While continuing to gaze at
The black fireworks dancing in the sky?
Signaling that the old era of the gods
Has ended
Time begins to move again

heavenly yard

[6. Not Eve]

This is the story of the end
From where shall I tell?

My name is……
My name is……
My name is……
My name is……

……Who am I?

[7. The End of the Capriccio]

She’d arrived at the theater
To the princess, this place was
Where the mastermind lived
And an old home

Those like the gardener are puppets after all
The enemy she truly ought to defeat was
The one who dwelled in the doll
The girl of the miniature garden

Ah, Gear, why
Do you protect her?
Even though she’s
Not the one you long for

If you say you will get in the way
I shall not be kind to you
For I am the prideful princess
I am the Daughter of Evil

Finally that time arrived
The bells signaling the end ring
That is the Heartbeat Clocktower, sin carved into its hands
No matter what kind of person they are
If they oppose me, completely purge them

“Come, kneel to me!”

[8. Reunion]

We have done nothing but
Make mistakes
During these thousand years

I had always wanted to go see you
Yes, your name is……

[9. The Pure Evil]

The boy who had searched for the princess
She was inside his older sister
The witch who had taken in the seven demons
Seeking to be a truly pure being

Just before vanishing, the doll
Resurrected the witch’s will
While being pulled into the black box,
In the end, the gardener cried out this:

If you want to save the world, then kill that girl
Kill that Daughter of Evil who assimilated the witch

He is urged to a final decision
Boy, which will you choose?

[10. The Boy's Choice]

“Just what in the world is evil?”
Those are someone’s words
All people are greedy

Because I myself
Am the same
The world and you; I will
Obtain both!

[11. Re_birthday Truth]

My strong determination brought about
A miracle on a whim
A small bottle fell from your hand
The message that you had written
‘Make sure you save me!’
I quietly laugh that it’s so like you

It’s alright because I will
Protect you unconditionally
The world isn’t our enemy anymore
Come, let’s join hands
Let’s move forward
For the new world
And for you

Look at the sky
The world
Is a mirror that reflects the moon
It is time
For you who is looking our way
From beyond there
To awaken

[12. Prologue]


In February 28th, 2008, I uploaded the first song I had made with VOCALOID, “Ten Minute Love”, onto a video website.
It was a quick thing, and a span of over nine years have passed since then.
After that I created the songs “Daughter of Evil” and “Servant of Evil”, and from there I started developing the Deadly Sin Series that would be set in Evillious.
This current song, “master of the heavenly yard”, is meant to be the last chapter of the series.
Its length exceeds fifteen minutes. Out of all the songs I’ve made it is the longest.
Honestly I had intended to make it even longer, but once I got to around the eight minute mark I had a few limitations.
Though if it was just about making it longer I would have found a way somehow, but there wouldn’t be any point in getting fixed on that and making the song boring as a result, so ultimately I settled down on how it is now.
The subtitle for this song is “Re_birthday Truth”.
The circumstances that are abstractly depicted in “Re_birthday”’s lyrics are elaborated on here.
(Or perhaps you could treat it as an alternate interpretation of Re_Birthday)
Though the original song is quite old, and so the way it’s set up has changed a lot from back then.
……Please go easy on me on that front.
Anyhow, this series that has gone on for so long is at its conclusion for now.
(Though I’m not saying I won’t make bonus stories after this.
The Clockwork Lullaby series still isn’t over yet)
Please buy the novel “master of the heavenly yard” that I’ll probably release next, which may elaborate on the unanswered riddles and foreshadowing.
(This is an advertisement. A blue-haired judge also said once that money is very important)

For those of you who’ve followed the series up to this point,
and for those of you who got this CD without having done so,
you have my deepest appreciation.




Adam Moonlit

Aile Freezis

Allen Avadonia

Anan Octo

Anne Lucifen d'Autriche

Annlee Sweets

Aprilis Beelzenia


Arth Lucifen d'Autriche

Aybee Cee (AB-CIR)

Ayn (Yatski)

Ayn Anchor

Banica Conchita

Barbara Barba (Abyss I.R.)

Behemo Barisol

Bindi Freezis


Bruno (butler)



Carlos Marlon (Josef)

Carol Shields

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Cherubim Venomania


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Elluka Clockworker


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Gammon Octo

Gandalf Marlon

Gast Venom

Gato Octo

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Germaine Avadonia

Gilbert Calgaround

Gilles Derais (Demon of Lust)


Great Super Marvelous Yarera



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Haru Netsuma (I.R.)

Hel Jaakko

Held Yggdra


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Megour Conchita

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Mewtant Lusha


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Rin Miroku

Rindo Blum

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Yufina Marlon

Yuka Musubi

Yuki Kaina

Yukina Freezis

Yuzette Ora

Yvette Jacobi

Zusco (first generation)

Zusco Jr.

Presented by the heavenly yard
Lyrics & Music: mothy
Illustration: Ichika

Will you forsake everything and set out on a trip……?
Will you close off your past……?
Will you continue to live in a false world……?
Will you face reality head on……?

Choose as you like.
You’re holding the key for that, aren’t you?