The Daughter of Evil

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There are many mysteries left in the history of “The Daughter of Evil”.

Lucifenia’s glorious and bloody history.
The aggressive war led by King Arth with the goal of uniting all of the Evillious region under one banner, can be said to be its beginning.

The armies led by the king’s loyal subordinates, the Three Heroes,
greatly expanded his small country’s territory in a short period of time. The war was brought to an end by King Arth falling ill,
but by that point, Lucifenia had already become the most powerful country in the region.

After the king’s death, Lucifenia experienced a brief revolt caused by the machinations of its prime minister.
One of his candidates for heir, Prince Alexiel, went missing from the public eye.

Lucifenia’s governance was transferred to Arth’s queen, Anne,
but she too wound up dying young from illness just like her husband.

The only one left was the fourteen-year-old Princess Riliane.
She was inexperienced, lacking the charisma of her father and the intelligence of her mother.

The country smoldered in discontent.
The political purges she enacted to bring it under control served only to spark the flames of destruction.

The assassination of Leonhart, one of the Three Heroes.
An invasion against a neighboring country over the princess’ personal grudges.
These wound up becoming motivations for the eventual revolution.

The revolutionary army led by Germaine, Leonhart’s daughter, surged into the palace and captured the princess.
The revolutinary army’s fighting strength was poor, being comprised primarily of regular townsfolk, but their attempt was successful.
We can posit several key reasons for this.
The low morale of the kingdom’s army due to their unnecessary invasion.
The loss of the authority of the Three Heroes.
And aid given to the revolutionary army from the nearby country of Marlon.

Amidst the people’s censure, the princess was beheaded in the town square.
And in this way, Lucifenia’s brief time of glory met its end.

The country of Marlon attempted to bring Lucifenia under its power through this revolution, and it too wound up following a path of decline due to infighting among the royal family. Marlon’s king Kyle abdicated the throne, and was said to have led a quiet life in another country afterwards.

……Well now, there are a handful of scholars that dispute accounts such as this in historical textbooks.

The most well-known differing opinions are:

There are grains of truth to be found in many of these theories, and there is also the work of author Yukina Freezis, who was herself involved in more than a few of the events of this time period.
However, as she is herself only a fairytale novelist, there are many who repudiate her by arguing that there are a great deal of things that are exaggerated or fabricated in the Freezis authorial record, and that it’s not to be treated as fact.

–We can only pray that this song collection will help to solve some of these mysteries

Presented by the heavenly yard
Lyrics & Music: mothy
Illustration: Ichika
  1. That King was Born from Mud
  2. Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone
  3. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson
  4. Swear an Oath on that Bridge
  5. Twiright Prank
  6. The Daughter of Evil
  7. The Servant of Evil
  8. Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~
  9. Regret Message
  10. The Daughter of White
  11. Blink
  12. Handbeat Clocktower
  13. Reach For The Stars ~The Letter She Kept Waiting For~

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