Evils Kingdom

mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

Welcome, to “the forest theater”. Was it “Nice to meet you”, I wonder? Or “Long time no see”? …Either one is fine, when it comes to this.

I am the one who was once called “Ma”.

You’ve heard and told that rumor as well, have you? That rumor that a vast inheritance is hidden in the theater. I’ll say before anything else that it isn’t true.

If you’ve come here with the intention of finding the inheritance, I recommend that you turn right around and run back home as fast as you can.

But if that isn’t the case… since we have the opportunity, could you watch some films with me?

While we’re at it, I’ll tell you a little bit about several of the incidents that have occurred here in the Evillious region, and one sorceress.

Today’s screening is 15 works. I wonder if you’ll like them?

Evils Kingdom

mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

I. moonlit bear
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Hatsune Miku & KAITO

II. Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

III. Chrono Story
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Megurine Luka & Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

IV. The Lunacy of Duke Venomania
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Camui Gackpo & Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka & MEIKO & GUMI & KAITO

V. Evil Food Eater Conchita
mothy_Akuno-P feat. MEIKO & Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

VI. Twiright Prank
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

VII. The Daughter of Evil
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Rin

VIII. The Servant of Evil
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Len

IX. Regret Message
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Rin

X. The Daughter of White
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Yowane Haku (Hatsune Miku)

XI. Re_birthday
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Kagamine Len

XII. The Tailor of Enbizaka
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Megurine Luka

XIII. Judgment of Corruption
mothy_Akuno-P feat. KAITO

XIV. Miniature Garden Girl
mothy_Akuno-P feat. Hatsune Miku

XV. Heartbeat Clocktower
mothy_Akuno-P feat. KAITO

I. moonlit bear

Illustration: Suzunosuke

【Original Sin】

This was around the time this forest was still called “The Forest of Held”…
A young married couple of woodcutters lived there. I don’t know the name of her husband, but the wife’s name was… Eve. Yes, Eve Moonlit. I’m pretty sure it was a name like that. She committed “sin” in this forest.

She clung to the love she had with her husband. She became arrogant for her desires being granted. She neglected the things she had to do and her children died. She was jealous of people who were happy. Eventually that transformed into anger. She came to want what she had lost. And, out of hunger she gathered some fruits.

That became the beginning of everything.

II. Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night

Illustration: Ichika


Twins who advanced through the forest, led there by their parents. A lone boy,
and a lone girl. They simply walked without being told their destination. On a night when the moon had waned.

I’ve looked over every document I could for the name of the twins introduced in this story, but in the end, I couldn’t find them. Maybe that’s because their existence had been thoroughly concealed by the parents who raised them. Nowadays there’s no way to learn how they could do such a deed, their reasons, or the mental state they were in.

I wonder, did they really exist to begin with?

III. Chrono Story

Illustration: Rgveta


The twins. What was reflected in their eyes as they gazed at their burning
family? They released everything, and then disappeared.

The sorceress. Those days when she was still “Elluka Clockworker” in the true meaning of the name. Having lost everything to the disaster two years before, she was given in its place the “boredom” that could also be called eternity. The request that she received from the god who protected the forest… her friend, “The Tree of Held”, had been just right for filling in that “boredom”.

It’s very regrettable that close to a thousand years has passed since then, yet she still hasn’t carried out that request.

IV. The Lunacy of Duke Venomania

Illustration: Suzunosuke


In order to spend her eternal “boredom” pleasantly, Elluka began to need a
certain process. This is because, distant and long as it might be when compared to ordinary humans, as something that had a form her body was slowly but surely decaying. To prevent that, she needed to periodically “exchange” her body with a new one. And she’s a woman of course, so perhaps you can appreciate that she wanted an appearance that was always beautiful?

Sateriasis Venomania…
The event that he caused had left deep wounds in the hearts of the women who had been his victims. Lukana Octo was one of them. Her very body had become tainted by a demon… it’s easy to guess that to one as pure as her, that was an unbearable thing.

For her sake, Elluka took custody of her body and her suffering.

V. Evil Food Eater Conchita

Illustration: Ichika


Even among those that were swayed by the Deadly Sins, Banica Conchita was
perhaps one of the more fortunate. Because she enforced her hopes and convictions up until the very end.

Having obtained the body of Lukana Octo, the search for the Vessels of Deadly Sin became somewhat simpler for Elluka. The magical power of Lust that remained in her body became an aid in that. Even so, this time the twin servants that clung to Banica got in the way of her retrieving the vessel of Gluttony.

As for why those twins were in the Beelzenian Empire, so far from their birthplace… I can’t say for certain. In my personal opinion, perhaps they saw in Banica a “trace of their mother”.

VI. Twiright Prank

Illustration: Ichika


There were a lot of international disputes in Evillious at the time, and
continuous warfare. But to Elluka this was also an era where she could regain her long lost humanity. Because in the height of battle, Elluka had met people that she could call friends.

Her slight happiness then had been crushed in the moment that she saw the newborns that one of her friends, Anne, had given birth to. Because she’d realized those babies looked identical to another set of abominable twins. And because she’d realized that one of them was being swayed by the deadly sin of Pride.

VII. The Daughter of Evil

Illustration: Ichika


Riliane d’Autriche. The Lucifenian princess who was later called “The
Daughter of Evil”. When she was very young, Elluka had forcibly torn a deadly sin away from her. It resulted in Riliane losing her memories, but surely that had driven off a great tragedy.

But that ended up not being so. She committed heinous deeds when she grew up. They ended up provoking the revolt of her people.

It was nothing more than Elluka’s own error that she couldn’t see how the tentacles of “Sin” extended even to the twin’s younger brother.

VIII. The Servant of Evil

Illustration: Ichika


There’s a history that I expect you’ve learned. It’s not the case that all of it is telling
the truth.

Allen Avadonia was a servant of Princess Riliane. It’s thought that during the Lucifenian revolution he escaped from the palace, his whereabouts afterwards a mystery.

Allen Avadonia’s name doesn’t appear in textbooks, but he is a figure who yet bears a piece of history.

But that’s not worth worrying about. To Elluka the important matter was that she couldn’t obtain the vessel of deadly sin, “The Four Mirrors”. To me the important matter is that he did not become one of the gears.

IX. Regret Message

Illustration: Ichika

【A Spoken Message】

Traditions, legends, folklore… I wonder how humans can find hope in the
works they themselves brought forth? I would think that salvation doesn’t even exist there.

One night. A lone girl stood by the seaside. She too was someone who clung to that hope by the name of “tradition”.

Thinking that she had been saved was nothing more than her self-delusion. Even if she set adrift her “guilt”, “sin” certainly isn’t something you can wash away.

Well, I think it’s probably for the best that she decided not to turn around.

X. The Daughter of White

Illustration: Ichika


The story once again begins from the forest. Clarith was a descendent of the
Netsuma clan who had been brought up in Elphegort. The tendency to persecute outsiders wounded her tender heart, warping it. She was a powerless person. The pride to have things her own way, the kindness to sacrifice herself for someone, the bravery to resist authority, she didn’t have any of that on hand.

Held and Elluka’s plan in the end came to grant Clarith’s wish. Had that been a good thing for Clarith, or perhaps not?

XI. Re_birthday

Illustration: Ichika


The removed gear. The conclusion to that is in the darkness. The black box
was buried in the sand, and probably won’t be found again.

When the boy awoke, he was inside a black box. Waiting there was darkness and isolation. And a large spring. The days of his atonement begin.

This is a story inside a box. So no one knows whether or not this is the tale’s beginning or end.

XII. The Tailor of Enbizaka

Illustration: Rgveta


Around this era, Lukana Octo’s body also began to grow visibly aged, if only a
little. For her comfortable Envy, Elluka began to feel a longing to have a new body before too much longer.

Life in this country that was placed far east from the Evillious region was quite stimulating for her. The tailor Kayo Sudou was a beauty with lovely black hair, but, as it seemed she carried a complex about her appearance due to some curious circumstance, she conversely grew envious of Elluka’s looks. It was at that point that Elluka and Kayo switched bodies. Elluka obtained the Deadly Sin that she’d been burdened with and the scissors that it had occupied. And Kayo obtained Lukana’s body and counterfeit scissors.

But it was too late. At that time Kayo had already been tainted by “sin”, down to the depths of her soul.

XIII. Judgment of Corruption

Illustration: you-ring@Tomotoshi Kitano


Our era, where the four allied countries of USE (Union
State of Evillious) held hegemony over Evillious. Gallerian Marlon, the worst judge of the Dark Star Bureau in history, used his standing for his own ends, sometimes accepting handsome bribes from nobles who had become defendants, and at other times filling his own pockets by trapping with false charges those who were inconvenient to royal figures.

Gallerian, who had been my friend. He was also tainted by a “Deadly Sin”. I had, conversely, intended to try putting that to good use. Following my predictions, he collected many “vessels” for me.

The storage area where he kept his “collection pieces”… Yes, that’s this very theater that we are in now.

XIV. Miniature Garden Girl

Illustration: Suzunosuke

【The Doll】

For the girl, the inside of her house was the whole world. The father she
loved and her wonderful friends. The cruel and beautiful films that would sometimes pass in front of her eyes. With just that she was happy.

She who is the director of this theater. The “daughter” that Gallerian loved the most. An answer should be self-evident, if you think about the reason why she’s here.

If my assumption is correct, she too is…

XV. Heartbeat Clocktower

Illustration: Suzunosuke

【The Gear】

Of the seven Vessels of the Deadly Sin, we’ve collected five. …Right now let’s
determine beforehand that there are five. It seems there is one who is yet sleeping, and one whose original purpose I’ve forgotten. …Huh? Who the hell… am I? That too? I am “Ma”. No more, no less.

If you say you want to know my true identity, shall we also play a word game? It appears that the selfish girl has hidden the five vessels somewhere in this theater as a prank. Those five, and the green gear that the director carries around. Six in all. Could you collect them for me? There is a “seal” engraved on the six vessels. After that apply the word derived from them—

“Ma” red yellow green purple blue pink

—As I’ve shown here. If you do, you’ll be able to obtain the answer you seek. And with that, adieu. I look forward to the day when we can meet again.

Chronicles of Evillious


◆ The Abduction/Murder by Eve Moonlit (Outbreak of “Original Sin”)

In the Forest of Held in Elphegort, Eve Moonlit kidnaps a pair of twins (1 year old at the time). She murders the twins’ mother who had been pursuing her.


◆ The Levianta Catastrophe

The occurrence of an incident during a magical experiment in the Magic Kingdom Levianta’s National Research Institute. The Magic Kingdom of Levianta collapses. A large-scale explosion reaches as far as surrounding countries.


Caused by the incident in Levianta the previous year, famine/plague becomes severe in Elphegort.

◆ The Murder of a Woodcutter Couple in the Forest of Held.

Eve Moonlit, as well as her husband, is murdered by a female/male pair of twins who had been their adoptive children.


◆ Outbreak of the “Seven Deadly Sins“

The “Seven Deadly Sins” are scattered all over the world by the twins. The guardian spirit of the Forest of Held, “The Tree of Held”, requests Elluka Clockworker to search for the deadly sins.


◆ The Venomania Event

The incidence of an event where large quantities of woman are kidnapped by Duke Venomania in the Asmodean region of the Beelzenian Empire. The affected extend as far as royal women of their own and other countries, developing into an international problem.


The murder of Sateriasis Venomania by Karchess, aristocrat from Marlon. Related to this matter, the Beelzenian Empire didn’t pursue charges for Karchess’ crime.

Elluka Clockworker approaches Lukana Octo, one of the victims of the Venomania event. She obtains Lukana’s body using the “Body Swap Technique”.


◆ The Independence of Asmodean

Asmodean becomes independent from the Beelzenian Empire.


◆ The Rebuilding of Levianta

Holy Levianta (formerly the Magic Kingdom of Levianta) is established.


◆ The Disappearance of “Cannibal” Conchita

A rumor spreads that Duke Banica Conchita in the Conchita Territory of the Beelzenian Empire is committing cannibalism. With there also being talk of Banica making a contract with a demon, the Empire requests famed sorceress Elluka Clockworker investigate into the truth of the matter. However, soon after that Banica went missing, and the investigation was cut short.


◆ The Founding of Lucifenia

An independence movement becomes active in the Territory of Lucifenia of the Beelzenian Empire. The Kingdom of Lucifenia is founded, Lucifenia I becoming king.


Elluka Clockworker joins the ranks of then-Lucifenian Monarch Arth I.

◆ Lucifenian Territorial Expansion

The Kingdom of Lucifenia declares war on its surrounding countries, one by one. It expands its territory. Because of its defeat in wars against Lucifenia at the time, the Beelzenian Empire rapidly loses its power.


◆ Feats of the Three Heroes

Beelzenia loses all of its territory but the southern region of Evillious. The three subordinates under Lucifenian Monarch Arth I who contributed to making Lucifenia a major power (Leonhart, Mariam, Elluka) come to be called “The Three Heroes”.


Elluka Clockworker makes the spirit Gumillia, kin of the Millennium Tree (The Tree of Held) into her apprentice.


◆ Lucifenia invades Elphegort

The Kingdom of Lucifenia suddenly invades Elphegort.

◆ The Lucifenian Revolution

In the Kingdom of Lucifenia, the populace rebels against the prideful conduct of Princess Riliane Lucifen d’Autriche. The daughter of Leonhart, Germaine Avadonia, launches the revolution as its leader.

Elluka Clockworker obtains the deadly sin vessel, the “Venom Sword”, from the wealthy merchant Keel Freezis.


◆ The Duel of Merrigod Plateau



Elluka Clockworker approaches Kayo Sudou, a tailor of the island nation in the far east. Using the “Body Swap Technique” she obtains Kayo’s body and the Deadly Sin Vessel “Kayo’s Scissors”.

◆ The Case of Serial Murders by Kayo Sudou

The incidence of a case of serial murders by tailor Kayo Sudou in the island nation of the far east.


◆ Execution of the Aishikeru Treaty

The United States of Evillious is formed of the 4 countries of Marlon, Levianta, Elphegort, and Lucifenia.


◆ ?

Due to this incident, the wife and daughter of USE Dark Star Bureau judge Gallerian die.


The screenwriter Ma approaches Gallerian, and speaks to him about the Vessels of Deadly Sin.



Gallerian Marlon constructs a theater in the Millennium Tree Forest.


◆ The Levianta Civil War

Gallerian’s breach of the law in the trial of Tony Ausdin, a general charged with the crime of killing the masses, comes to light. A civil war breaks out from the rebelling populace. Tony and Gallerian are slaughtered.

Ma inherits Gallerian’s legacy. She obtains the Deadly Sin Vessels, “The Glass of Conchita”, “The Marlon Spoon”, and “The Four Mirrors of Lucifenia”.



A rumor spreads that Gallerian’s inheritance is hidden in a theater in the Millennium Tree Forest. One by one the people who infiltrate the Millennium Tree Forest go missing.


The song that resounds with lu li la, lu li la

Is a sorrowful song, painting time

The moon that shines in the sky is beautiful

From the sword blooms a beautiful flower

From the seed blooms a beautiful glass

On the night of a full moon, it continued to be refined

And the stone became four mirrors

Along with a small bottle that brightly sparkles

The blades that become a pair are dipped in the spring

The color of the spring goes the color of blood

The color of the blood of those who aimed for it

The doll moves by the invisible wind

The spoon ladles invisible soil

When all were assembled,

In the end they return, they return to the forest

Along with overflowing anger