With good fortune, or rather bad fortune, the intruders who escape from the demonic hands of the “Master of the Graveyard” and the “Servants” are arranged to receive the judgment of the new “Master of the Court” in the courtroom prepared in the theater’s great hall

While listening to the visitor’s screams of despair, the “Gardener”, Gammon Octo, remembers when he arrived at the theater for the first time and breathes a small sigh

“I wonder how much time has passed since then?”

Life with the inhuman “inhabitants” wasn’t particularly painful for Gammon

The differences between him and the “inhabitants” and the differences between him and “humans” didn’t have much of a disparity between them

Even though he’s called the “Gardener”, they needed someone like a handyman so Gammon was forced to do various jobs for the unskilled “inhabitants”

At times, he also helped “Ma” with her screenplays; Gammon had an innate power, the “Purple Dream”… it seems his prognostic ability became an aid in drawing up screenplays

In the process of working on those screenplays, Gammon was able to learn just a little about his own ancestor and the reasons for the curse afflicting himself

The sex maniac Sateriasis Venomania… his cursed children, the “Demon of Asmodean” and the rest… and his own relationship with “Ma”…

Nevertheless, it didn’t mean that he had resolved something

“I only do what I have to.”

It seems that another defendant has been brought up
The farce called a trial begins

Although it’s unlikely that they’ll be found innocent at any rate


i, Five Minutes Before Court (instrumental)

ii, master of the court

iii, Chrono Story

iv, Recollective Musicbox

v, Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~

vi, gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep

vii, Fifth Pierrot

viii, Madam Merry-Go-Round

ix, Judgment of Corruption

x, Capriccio Farce

xi, Red Shoe Parade

Five Minutes Before Court

Here we’ll take note of the 10 matters that we’ll be dealing with in the courtroom this time.

• master of the court
The Defendant: None/
A soliloquy by the new Master of the Court, “The Director Doll”.

• Chrono Story
The Defendant: Elluka Clockworker/
Matter number CL5. Relating to the secret agreement between a god and a sorceress in the year 015. There are some saying it’s not especially important regarding Held’s current state of having left, but this is certainly a principal event regarding the origins of this theater.

• Recollective Musicbox
The Defendant: Kiril Clockworker (Testimony from Elluka Clockworker)/
Related to the “Levianta Catastrophe” in Year 013. This event is as yet still mysterious in its entirety, but testimony has been obtained that will become very important here onward. Due to this we might be able to grasp some information on the missing “Clockworker”.

• Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~
The Defendant: Michaela/
The cause relating to the “Lucifenian Revolution” from 500 years prior. We’ll deliberate over Michaela being kin to the god of Held. Because we’ll need to pay attention to her movements, as there’s the possibility that Michaela, as Held’s kin, will interfere with the theater in some form or another.

• gift from the Princess Who Brought Sleep
The Defendant: Margarita Blankenheim/
We’ll be inspecting the incident that occurred in Toragay, Elphegort. Everything began from the wedding of a doctor’s daughter and an aristocrat. It’s confirmed that this event was influenced by the organization “Pere Noël”.

• Fifth Pierrot
The Defendant: Lemy Abelard/
Though he is a figure involved in the “Rolled Serial Murders” of Year 610, hereafter that will not be alluded to in this court. In the “Duel of Merrigod Plateau” committed by Lemy’s mother “Julia”, the leader of “Pere Noël”, in Year 611, it is confirmed that the defendant was a member of “Pere Noël”.

• Madam Merry-Go-Round
The Defendant: Unknown/
Let’s begin deliberations of one of the facts brought about as entertainment by the Gardener’s “Purple Dream”. The Gardener testifies that this is “One of the possible futures of the Director Doll”, though the credibility of this is doubtful.

• Judgment of Corruption
The Defendant: Gallerian Marlon/
About matters corning both this and the “Leviantan Civil War” in Year 983. The things it reveals about the founder of the theater and former “Master of the Court”, Gallerian, will hopefully bring about a very worthwhile outcome in this court.

• Capriccio Farce
The Defendant: None/
Matter number CL6.
Come, let’s begin this farce called a trial!

• Red Shoe Parade
This tune has been prepared as an exit number for adjourning court. We want you to become adequately skillful in your march to hell.

―Evils court―

Handyman though I may be, I’m forced to act as their secretary…

master of the court

Surpass the forest, be chased from the graveyard
You’ll probably make it to an old theater
In that place you’ll be judged
You’ll likely get a sin in this final trial

From the turning gear in the clocktower
The doll inherited her father’s dying wish
Yes, I am the new Master of the Court
Now the gates of the Hellish Yard will be opened

Explain to me, my father
This is the correct choice isn’t it?
Without having a heart, I don’t understand
Explain to me, my father
Should I see all of them off to hell?
Without having life, I don’t understand

The gardener murmurs that in just a little while from now
The song that can’t be recited’s end is also close
If it’s him or Ma that’s correct
Without knowing that, I am striking this mallet

Dwelling in my inhuman womb,
Irregular makes my body tremble
Dear child, your role is after this, so
Sleep now with this lullaby

Explain to me, my father
This is the correct fate isn’t it?
Without having a heart, I don’t understand
Explain to me, my father
Utopia will be made with this, won’t it?
Without having life, I don’t understand

Yes, I am the new Master of the Court
Now the gates of the Hellish Yard will be opened

Explain to me, my father
This is the correct choice isn’t it?
Without having a heart, I don’t understand
Explain to me, my father
Should I see all of them off to hell?
Without having life, I don’t understand

Explain to me, my father
This is the correct fate isn’t it?
Without having a heart, I don’t understand
Explain to me, my father
Utopia will be made with this, won’t it?
Without having life, I don’t understand

―Successor of the court―

Due to the “Marlon Spoon” becoming a gear of the clocktower, the Director Doll’s burns disappeared, and she obtained a new power. But the purposeless power began a meaningless rampage. She’s become a means by which visitors receive nothing but the death sentence. There is no ill will in her. She’s just making believe that she’s her beloved “Father”…

Chrono Story

Is that the song of birds that I can hear?
No, that is the cry of the forest
Is that the light of the moon that’s shining?
No, that’s the burning fire

The person we used to call “mother”
Turns to ashes inside the stove
The “Original Sin” that remained afterwards
We divided into seven with our own hands

“Lust”, is the flower
“Gluttony”, is the seed
“Pride”, is the stone
“Envy”, is the spring
“Sloth”, is the wind
“Greed”, is the dirt
“Wrath”, is the forest

Fly away, seven sins
The impurity born from our false mother
Let the world turn and turn
This evil, grave sin
Purify it

By the hands of the forbidden fruit
The seven sins were released into the world
The tree of Held, who protects the forest,
Requests his friend to collect them all

“I don’t mind if it kills some time”
“’Cause my time is infinite anyhow”
The sorceress sneers

The eternity she was granted
At the end of having lost the one she loved
And destroyed what was precious
To her was nothing but emptiness

The sorceress who obtained everything
And then lost it
What does she wish for?
What does she seek?
To the end of time…

Born and raised from a lone woman
The story of such a sin cut into seven
The capricious whim of a witch who transcends time
This Chrono Story that begins from the forest

―Clockwork lullaby 5―

“Hänsel” and “Gretel”, who had murdered their adoptive parents “Adam” and “Eve”. “Eve” became the personification of the Seven Deadly Sins, the “Original Sinner”, and the twins disappeared. Requested to do so by the forest’s guardian spirit, “Held”, the sorceress “Elluka” set out on a journey to collect them all… so it says. It’s a little complicated with all the characters, I think.

Recollective Musicbox

A music box with golden springs that warped
The unplaying melody is a song of love
A music box that disappeared in the shadow of history
A jeweled box that won’t be opened

The music boxes he made played with a sound that was
More beautiful than anyone else’s
The people, filled with a sense of respect for him,
Called him “Clockworker”

A beloved fiancée and a precious younger sister
“I am a lucky man”, he thanked god

For their sakes he would create it, filled with love
An extraordinary, peerless music box
In the music box he packed his wish
For their future then on to have great happiness

Now the music box won’t play anymore

In this country, whoever possesses the strongest magical talent
Will become ruler, and obtain everything
The ones selected as candidates for new leader were
The fiancée and younger sister

The gears began to go mad, those two who came together in hatred
Could have lived together in harmony, if there was no such thing as magic

It was the worst conclusion; what he saw
Was the music box he built stained in blood
The fallen woman and the wailing woman
Both were loved, loved and yet

Now the music box won’t play anymore

A place that used to have a country is now a ruin
An old man who’s lost his sanity is making something
Travelers enquired as to what he’s making
The old man replies that it’s a music box

But it
Was a dirty black box
That just looks like simple trash

―Clockwork requiem―

To go back 2 years before the private meeting between “Held” and “Elluka”:

The clockmaker, Kiril Clockworker. His tragedy was that his fiancée, Elluka, and his little sister, Irina, both carried great magical power. In their fight over who would obtain the position of holy leader… it goes without saying which of them won. But as to whether or not the one who was defeated vanished from history… I wouldn’t know. I guess there isn’t anything to do but wait until she eventually talks about it personally.

Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~

“I’m sorry for being alive”
The girl who always complained
Her white hair different from the people of the village
She knelt by the millennium tree deep in the forest
And made a wish, “I want a friend”

I wanted to
Grant her wish
But I can’t do it with this body
At such a time, the
Whimsical sorceress who had appeared
Reincarnated the spirit me into a human

I don’t yet know
Anything of the world outside the forest
So I don’t understand
Why is she crying?

It’s peaceful and boring
Although I’d expect that to be a wonderful thing
But I don’t understand
Why are you crying?

Between our dreams, our races, and our values
The two of us who differ so have now met

Let this millennium vow resound to the end of the earth
A wiegenlied
Fastened to a fate of ruin
I’m different from you, but I’m drawn to you
I’ll protect you, so stay by my side

My spirit self changes into the human me
If I have this body
I might be able to understand you

A life in a new city
Makes my heart tremble
Wherever kind of place we are
If the two of us are together, it’s alright

The delight of living as a human
Little by little I was beginning to understand

Let this millennium vow resound across the sky
A wiegenlied
Fastened to a fate of ruin
As the two of us change, it might be lonesome, but
If I can see your smile, it’ll be okay

At an evening dinner party I met the ruler of a country over the sea
This fate of ruin
Began to stir from there

Loving me, he rejects the marriage proposal of a neighboring country’s princess
The blaze of her anger wraps the country in war

The two of us become separated
And now, I understand my feelings towards you

Let this millennium vow resound to your side
Even if I can’t return to being a spirit
I won’t be swaying from this decision I’ve made anymore
“I am in love with you”

Even if all the people in the world
(Even if all the people in the world)
Scorned and mocked you
(Scorned and mocked me)
Because I will protect you
(There’s a someone who needs me)
You should always be smiling
(With only that I was happy)

If you can survive to safety
And if the day comes we can meet again
Let’s live in harmony together in the forest
Because I’ll be waiting here no matter what

The dark bottom of the well, the moon that’s beautiful in the night sky
The knife stuck deep in my chest
My golden haired assassin departs somewhere
The cruel truth is in darkness

Transparent white hair, clumsy smile
Somehow, somehow live on, keep alive
If only I could see you
I had things I wanted to convey to you
If only I could be reborn
If I could be reborn…

―Spirit of ELD―

The sorceress Elluka had made Michaela, who used to be a spirit that served Held, be reborn as a human. She’d probably intended to use her to gather the vessels of deadly sin. The Michaela in question was friendly with a white haired girl. …Or were they in love…? Though it seems that was inevitably doomed.

gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep

Sleep with this gift, you’ll sleep well with this gift
Yes I am the sleep princess, for the sake of your happiness…

It was a marriage decided by the result of politics
Nevertheless I loved you

You’re an incompetent playboy wallowing in desire
But I loved you from before

You’re only after the wealth of a doctor’s daughter
Aside from that I’m happy, nonetheless

You can also forget our promise when we were children
If I can be by your side

For you who is troubled by anxious feelings
I have a very good medicine
You can have pleasant dreams, so your worn body can be healed
It’s a present from me

Sleep with this medicinal gift, you’ll sleep well with this medicinal gift
Yes I am the sleep princess, for the sake of your happiness…

Everyone carries troubles
My dad, my mom, and the people of this town
For the sake of everyone who can’t sleep at night
I’ll make this gift, a sleeping medicine

Unpleasant reality, unrequited feelings
If inside a dream, these things can be forgotten
Like a baby inside their crib
With your eyes closed, abandon yourself

Everyone swallowed my gift
And became happy, each and every one
As the only one who can’t sleep, I instead
Obtained freedom and riches

Sleep with this poisonous gift, you will sleep well with this poisonous gift
Yes I am the sleep princess, a woman who sought hope

In those days where I was only used like a decorative doll
I was already broken long ago, I wanted to destroy everything

It’s a very efficacious medicine, efficacious up to being able to sleep forever
With this, finally I too will be able to sleep, from the Sleep Princess to Sleeping Princess…

―Belphegor’s gift―

The one who had gifted the “Clockworker’s Doll”… the director doll… to the wife of Blankenheim had been the woman called Julia, who was a close friend of hers. I’d wager that “gift” was secretly concealed and dispersed inside the doll’s body. Julia was likely the person who created the doll as well. You might say she was the director doll’s true parent. And with that name, “Clockworker’s Doll”… Isn’t the truth somewhat more visible? If I were to make a bold hypothesis, perhaps the wife of Blankenheim was an incarnation of the demon that was intentionally brought about. …Though as a note, it wasn’t my role to be the attorney.

Fifth Pierrot

At 2 AM in a dark town,
Who will be the victim tonight?
Punishing bad children,
That’s Pierrot’s job

From Ms. Santa he learned
That the world is full of mistakes
Fifth Clown will
Dance in the dark night today too

The boy who played fool
With a painted white face
A silver knife
In a fat pig

Tonight the chaotic Pie-Pierrot,
In a circus of night without an audience
Plays on a flute for that moon,
And the black goes to red

Today too, madly dancing Pie-Pierrot’s
Devilish cage has already been opened
The beast of prey that jumped through hoops of fire
Will make a wandering walk through town

With kind and dark eyes
Seventh Magician
Sweetly tempted him
To escape from here

He explained to Ms. Santa
That there’s a traitor
The next day the Magician’s
Whereabouts became unknown

Gently stroking
Pierrot’s head,
Ms. Santa’s hands,
They were like…

Today is work too, Pie-Pierrot
Waited for prey in a shadowy back alley
Suddenly there’s a plosive sound,
And the black goes to red

His chest really hurts, Pie-Pierrot
Doesn’t want to die! He doesn’t want to die!
Silently standing before his eyes is
Eighth Sniper

Tonight the chaotic Pie-Pierrot
Very tiredly closed his eyes
Smiling inside the dream are
His real mother and father

He won’t be dancing anymore, Pie-Pierrot
“That’s why I told you to escape.”
Yes, sneering so, quietly, was
Seventh Magician…

―The end of Hänsel―

“Hänsel” and “Gretel” released the Seven Deadly Sins into the world, with no details on their whereabouts afterwards. But it appears as though somehow or another with a form that was reincarnated they would appear every few centuries into the latest epoch. Moreover, it seems as though Hänsel, who had been reborn into this era as “Lemy”, didn’t have any memories remaining of his past life. And it seems that he’d also been separate from Gretel, who was usually always with him. Unluckily for him, he was attacked by the sorceress and her apprentice, and then… Bye-bye. Incidentally, as the “Servants” always causing a ruckus in the theater are mere phantoms born from the residual consciousness dwelling in the “Glass of Conchita”, they are nothing more than copies based off of Hänsel and Gretel. They also resemble that selfish girl… the “Waiter”, although she’s someone else. What happened to the originals, I wonder… I guess we don’t have any choice but to ask the Master of the Hellish Yard, hm?

Madam Merry-Go-Round

Welcome to this happy country,
I’ll undo the chains that bind you hand and foot
A ferris wheel, haunted house,
And just for tonight, yes, a slave for you

If you’re worn from playing, come here,
Inside a cold cradle

Madam Merry-Go-Round
Queen of the amusement park
Madam Merry-Go-Round
A shackled host
A transient utopia seen
From on top of the wooden horse

Madam Merry-Go-Round
Even if the world is destroyed
Madam Merry-Go-Round
I will be here
You should go around now,
And completely forget everything

If you want your wish granted,
Get in line, wait your turn
The shining shadow parade,
Their eyes on the end, will keep on through thick and thin

These midnight games;
The one desiring them
Isn’t me, it’s you

Madam Merry-Go-Round
A beauty resembling someone
Madam Merry-Go-Round
Those forgotten memories
A genial warmth
She embraced with white hands

Madam Merry-Go-Round
Even if you’re in love
Madam Merry-Go-Round
It’s a dream bound to one night
A vow exchanged between the two
That wasn’t kept that day

Madam Merry-Go-Round
Queen of the amusement park
Madam Merry-Go-Round
A shackled host
A transient utopia seen
From on top of the wooden horse

Madam Merry-Go-Round
Even if the world is destroyed
Madam Merry-Go-Round
I will be here
Even if you can’t go back home,
Don’t blame me, okay?


Every once in a while, I tend to get prophetic dreams. When I do, I write them down. I thought maybe they could be useful in some way. But the “collection pieces” don’t show any interest in them, and “Ma” just makes a sullen face. The biggest problem is that my prophetic dreams are only right about 50% of the time!

Judgment of Corruption

A disgraced administration of justice
With charges decided by the defendant’s wealth
As the master of the court
I desire money more than justice

Even if you’re a scoundrel
If you pay money I’ll save you
Money is the best lawyer in Hell

Appearance and age, race and gender
All of it’s irrelevant
The most important thing is if you can pay money
That’s all there is to it

Your life depends on me
If you want help, show me the money

Yes, your sins are my consideration alone
Judgment of corruption
If you want rescue from a swamp of false charges
Hand over more money

For the sake of my disabled daughter, too
I need money
If I collect the seven vessels of grave sin
My wish will come true

Today too in the unfolding courtroom of doubt
The wicked laugh, the innocent cry

Yes, your sins are my consideration alone
Judgment of corruption
If it’s to grant my own dearest wish
I will continue to swing this unjust mallet

A vicious general is a mass murderer
A capital crime charge is natural
I was handed a bribe, and I
Declare the defendent innocent

In the resulting rage, a civil war began
The general was killed
His miserable corpse is exposed on the field

The force of the anger comes to face me
And my house blazes
My beloved “daughter”
If we two are together, I have nothing to fear

From the burned down mansion, they’ll probably find
The remains of a solitary “parent and child”…

This place where I was alone when I opened my eyes
Is the gate of the Hellish Yard
Heaven or hell, that is decided by
The Master of the Hellish Yard

Even if you’re a scoundrel
If you pay money I’ll save you
Money is the best lawyer in Hell

I smile at the Master of the Hellish Yard
And softly whisper

“I will never hand over my fortune
To the likes of you”

I jumped through the door and my body
Falls right down to the bottom of hell

Yes, sins are my consideration alone
Judgment of corruption
No matter who it is, I won’t approve
Anyone judging this sin of mine

Yes, one day I will again gather in my hands
The fragments of deadly sin
In that moment, hell may turn into
Me and my daughter’s

―Mammon’s court―

It seems as though the temperament of the corrupt judge Gallerian has been inherited not by the “Marlon Spoon” collection piece but rather the “Director Doll”. Is the being currently dwelling in the spoon that’s become “Gear” the dying wish of “Adam” after all? If he’s been protecting against the world’s collapse as a piece of a vessel for close to 1000 years it’s a touching effort, but…

I’ve heard that “Ma” is the one who fanned Gallerian’s flames, but I don’t think this act is much like her.

Capriccio Farce

An empty defendant’s seat, a visitor’s gallery with nothing but junk
Come, let’s begin this farce called a trial

master of the court
“Only one of the vessels that we’re seeking out by orders of god remains
If it’s the case you know its whereabouts
Make your testimony, ‘Sorceress of Time’”

“Transcending time, changing forms, changing masters, it’s already making its debut on stage
Even so, not knowing the whereabouts myself right now,
I fear it’s likely that it’s in her hands”

“Search, search, search for that jerk
Left, right, or down
She who holds all the keys
Search for the ‘Master of the Hellish Yard’”

“How long is this farce going to continue?
There is nothing after that”

master of the graveyard
“Soul of Adam who fell in the trap
There’s nothing you can accomplish anymore”

Swinging scales, a disordered scenario,
Vessels sullied in sin; each playing their song their own way, a discordant capriccio
The story has already let go of the hands of demons and gods and walks alone
If they were in this place, they would probably make this lament:

――What was truly terrifying
Was the desire of humanity――

master of the court
“Let’s sort what few facts we have,
Lowly man descended from a demon
I’ll give you permission, so tell us
Of the time you came to this forest”

“There is an unpleasant curse dwelling in my body
Seeking my original ancestor’s sword that has become necessary to solve this,
I arrived at this forest alone”

(Kill him, eat him, if we can’t, arrest him
This insolent fool who entered the forest)
(Judge, judge, at any rate judge him
Trial! Sentence! Death!)

“When I resolved myself after I was arrested
The fickle girl extended her hand”

“I wanted a charge right for doing chores”

“And so I became the ‘Gardener’”

‘Sorceress of Time’ ‘Cursed Gardener’
Substitutes for the unawakened vessels
Each keeping their goals close to the chest
Unsettling invaders

‘Director Doll’, ‘Master of the Graveyard’, ‘Gear’
‘Waiter’, ‘Master of the Hellish Yard’
When the end of everything arrives
Who will be laughing, I wonder?

――Lulila lulila lulilulila
The resounding beat of Irregular――

Friendship, trauma, justice, illusion
Hope, destruction, dreams, greed, love, death
All of it continues to melt and turn
The Clockwork Lullaby
Just before the solitary man’s death
He constructed a theater
Will the utopia he wished for
Be completed?

Come, let’s see with our own eyes, this farce called life

―Clockwork lullaby 6―

Rather than calling this a trial this is just a meeting… if I said that would she get mad at me…?

Red Shoe Parade

Now advance on! A shadow parade
Wearing matching red shoes
Madly dancing as though broken
Aim for the end, through thick and thin

The morning road is full of dangers
A bad thief obstructs our path
Before he steals, steal from him
In the name of our great righteousness

If we keep on walking, our stomachs will diminish too
A bad thief has a home
Steal his amassed feast
In the name of our great righteousness

Carrying a moon-shaped crest of arms on our backs,
Our red footsteps resound

Now advance on! A shadow parade
Wearing matching red shoes
Madly dancing as though broken
Aim for the end, through thick and thin

Yearning for people in the pattern of the sunset
A bad thief has a family
Console both the heart and body
In the name of our great righteousness

The rain drizzles on the melancholy night,
A bad thief was laughing
Slaughter him, we’re jealous
In the name of our great righteousness

Praise us, this unending march
Our iron footsteps resound

Now advance on! A shadow parade
Wearing matching iron collars
While we laugh as though broken
Aim for the end, through thick and thin

The suddenly echoed sound of a whistle
Signaled the end of our journey

Time passed, and one day
From the dark room we went out into the light
So once again the journey begins

Now advance on! A shadow parade
Wearing matching red shoes
The people down the road see us
And laugh, and cry

Our steps are hot as though burning
These red shoes are different than the usual
When we realized the true meaning of that
The shadow parade burned out

You said it was “punishment”

―Shadow parade―

From the Freezis Fairytale, “Red Shoe Parade”

I don’t have faith in people who loudly call for justice. How many weak people are shedding tears in the background of worthless heroism?

If you want to scorn me as “evil” you’re welcome to do so.

Better that than the likes of you bastards.

hellish yard
heavenly yard


And with that,

Next time
let’s meet in hell

Presented by the heavenly yard

Lyrics: mothy
Music & Arrange: [Track 1 ~ 10] mothy
[Track 11] Tetoteto
Illustrations: Ichika