The Seven Deadly Sinners

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This website is maintained by Ylimegirl, known as sarcasrnspasrn on tumblr (or the-witch-of-merrigod on my Evillious sideblog) and Ylimegirl Cool on YouTube. The majority of the information in the timelines has been collected myself via archive scouring, and if you have any additional sources for anything I've missed I'd appreciate it being sent my way. I work with Evilliyes for most scans and audio.

As most of the information listed here isn't utilizing my own creative effort, usage of any that I've collected over the years is free to utilize for your own works; credit is appreciated but not required. Conversely, the majority of the images on this site are copyrighted and used under fair use, and as such are not mine to give permission to utilize.

I render my YouTube videos in After Effects, and I do not monetize them. The majority of them have been copyright claimed by original creator, meaning that ad revenue from those go to mothy through them. I remove my videos when mothy uploads an official version to his YouTube, and don't upload off-vocals.

I primarily utilize translations by pricechecktranslations, and use them in accordance with her policies. I sometimes use other sources if she hasn't translated a work or translate some text myself.

I credit image artists in the footer of each page, though I also credit image artists in a credits.txt file located in each image directory.